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Subject: DPRG: PCTrace
From: TimMicDet at aol.com TimMicDet at aol.com
Date: Mon Feb 9 22:58:35 CST 1998

    Dose any one use PCTrace?  I just downloaded it yesterday and so far I
love it.  I was wondering if anyone had a few libraries for it, that they
wouldn't minded sharing  them with me.  If seems to come with very few
components, and to make new ones takes time or so it seems to me as of now.
So if any one as a library of two and wouldn't mind sharing them with me I
would really appreciate it.  Also what is everyone's opinion on the software,
is it worth the $99 (It would be nice to be able to print from the schematics
Timothy Deterly
TimMicDet at aol.com


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