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DPRG: link to RoboCam

Subject: DPRG: link to RoboCam
From: Eric B. Olsen robojoc at worldnet.att.net
Date: Tue Feb 10 00:27:15 CST 1998

Hi all,

O.K., I spent a little time on my Web site (yikes!).  I've updated my
Web page with a couple of extra pictures of "RoboCam".

Its at     http://home.att.net/~robojoc/


- --

"Time will tell if the human race can handle the responsibility of it's
own evolution"

Spectronix, Inc.
Henderson, NV

Email:  robojoc at postmaster.worldnet.att.net
Web-Site:  http://home.att.net/~robojoc/


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