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Subject: [none]
From: Garrett A. Myrick gamyrick at linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
Date: Tue Feb 10 00:50:37 CST 1998

Hi everyone,

Being 13, and not living within an hour(and a $20 ferry fee) of any
electronics supply store except Radio Shack (UGH!), I have been searching
for an electronics circuit simulator. What I am looking for is a FREE,
easy-to-use(preferably a GUI), powerfull circuit simulator(s). I have been
looking on the Internet for countless afternoons, and late nights, trying
to find something halfway decent. There are, of course, countless
crippled-to-the-point-of-extinction demos, some OK sharewares, and, I'm
sure, some freeware. The problem with shareware is that most of it is not
all that good, plus the time bomb, and a registration fee. Actually, some
demos aren't all that bad. From www.protel.com, I downloaded a demo of
Advanced Schematic Capture, and the only cripple is that you can't save.
BUT, you can copy the whole diagram (background and all) into something
like MS Publisher or WordPad or some other program. It also comes with
libraries, etc.. It is still a permanent part of my PC toolbox. I have
used it on everything from Nervous Networks to hoverboards, and I still
like it. I have also stumbled upon a nice little logic simulator. It has
various kinds of flip-flops, gates, etc.. great program..

And that reminds me! I also (finally) found an oscilliscope program for
our soundcard! If anyone wants a copy of any of these programs, let me
know and I'll bring a disk to the next SRS meeting, if I can make it. Or,
you can find them yourself(probably the better option!). Start at
<www.adeptscience.com> I think.

But the whole reason I sent this message was to ask if anyone has found a
good, free circuit simulation package?

Thanks for this (overly large) chunk of your time!

Garrett Myrick
<gamyrick at linknet.kitsap,lib.wa.us>

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room."



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