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DPRG: sample request from a non-member

Subject: DPRG: sample request from a non-member
From: Wade A. Smith wasmith at aud.alcatel.com
Date: Wed Feb 11 08:02:15 CST 1998

> At 08:30 PM 2/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hello Jim
> >
> >While I have stated the facts with respect to the present tax situation in
> >India. If we gift the items to an individual than we have to pay 50% gift
> >tax in addition to the sale tax, excise, and customs duty. On the other hand
> >if we give items to the members or to the non profit societies than we get
> >30% tax reduction. The government will place 300% fine if I go against any of
> >the tax law.
> While I feel sorry that your tax situation is such as you stated in India,
> I wish that you would stop sending your solicitations to the email list.
> The fact is, your boards are not free no matter whether it is your fault or
> your government's fault - I'm not trying to blame anyone - I'm just stating
> the fact - they're not free.  You should not advertise them as free and then
> tell people later that they can't have the so-called "free" stuff unless they
> then send you $50 AND join your ?membership? - that's not fair.  You should
> have told them up front, that it would cost $50 for India's gift tax, plus
> so much for shipping, plus you have to join your membership, and then you
> receive board A, board B, board C.  Up to now, you have just told everyone
> to send you $50 and have not been clear about what they would get for
> their $50.
> Maybe at one time I was interested.  Hey, you said they were free, so I said
> ok.  That was a couple of months ago.  So far we have received nothing.

I know the feeling.

> Now I'm just surprised that you did not keep your word and have begun to
> ask for money when at first you said they were free and changed your story
> on us.   If you would have told us up front that your boards would have been
> $50 then maybe some would have said ok, and some not.  As it is now, you just
> made everyone including myself sceptical.  Should I recommend to my friends 
> to buy boards from someone who doesn't keep their word?

What about the possiblity of DPRG being a "club member" and getting
100 boards of each of the available ones and passing them out at the next meeting?

100 each of 2 diff boards would put them at .25 each -- close enough to free...


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