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DPRG: Up the stairs

Subject: DPRG: Up the stairs
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Thu Feb 12 07:52:30 CST 1998

> >
> >Hello,
> >       I am curious, has anyone ever built a bot that could tackle a set
> >of stairs?  (and not be specifically designed for this!)  My goal in
> >designing this robot is to enable it to travel throughout my local High
> >school, including all three floors.  I have a couple of ideas so far, tell
> >me what you think of them:  using a lever-arm that would rotate up onto
> >the next step with a vacuum suction cup to hold the end down while robot
> >is pivoted over lever-arm onto step, possibly a second set to anchor on
> >the next step before retracting the first off the current step (the robot
> >is wider than the step - probly 2x as wide)  Or, perhaps a temporarily
> >engaged track for stairs,  or metal "skis" to slide over the stair steps
> >while
> >small "legs" heave it up/let it down one step at a time.
> >Thanks,
> >Dan Bowen

The most common stair climbers I have read about have legs. But that
does not mean that is the only way. 

I would forget anything that involves suction or a vaccuum.  It takes
too much power and is too big. And it is very dependant on the stair
surface.  But what if the steps are a metal grate or it is covered with

If you are going to have a track, you might as well use it all the time,
not just for stairs.  Again to save weight.

The skis sound interesting, but my concern would be going back down the
stairs.  It may be a big crash. (Watch the olympic ski jumping.)

Steps are not easy, and they imply a larger robot. I would guess it
would be at least as tall as three steps.



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