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DPRG: Up the stairs

Subject: DPRG: Up the stairs
From: John Alway jalway at icsi.net.SpamTransmogrifier
Date: Thu Feb 12 10:09:47 CST 1998

> > >Hello,
> > >       I am curious, has anyone ever built a bot that could tackle a set
> > >of stairs?  (and not be specifically designed for this!)  My goal in
> > >designing this robot is to enable it to travel throughout my local High
> > >school, including all three floors.  I have a couple of ideas so far, tell
> > >me what you think of them:  using a lever-arm that would rotate up onto
> > >the next step with a vacuum suction cup to hold the end down while robot
> > >is pivoted over lever-arm onto step, possibly a second set to anchor on
> > >the next step before retracting the first off the current step (the robot
> > >is wider than the step - probly 2x as wide)  Or, perhaps a temporarily
> > >engaged track for stairs,  or metal "skis" to slide over the stair steps
> > >while
> > >small "legs" heave it up/let it down one step at a time.
> > >Thanks,
> > >Dan Bowen

      If you have the book "Robot Builder's Bonanza" by Gordon McComb check out
the "Damnation Alley" vehicle on pages 149 through 152.  This has a "Tri-Star"
wheel arrangement which allows a vehicle to overcome all kinds of obstacles,
including stairs.  Although the vehicle was used for a movie, the wheel
arrangement itself  is a legitimate patent held by Lockheed Aircraft for an
all-terrain vehicle.

    ...Regards, John


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