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DPRG: Laser Galvanometers

Subject: DPRG: Laser Galvanometers
From: Dan Bowen radiowave at bigfoot.com
Date: Mon Feb 16 00:49:38 CST 1998

I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find devices that I believe are called
galvanometers - they are tiny mirrors that pivot by little electric coil, used
in CD players sometimes.  Using 2 of these and one laser, one can create
images with the laser beam (well, not really what you'd call images. :) I have
one, but I do not know how to get my BS2 to make it move properly.  Any help -
sources or BS2 programming (need to vary the voltage? on the coil precisely)
would be greatly appreciated.  I'm a student, and I run the light board for
the Talent show and I thought it would be awesome to adapt my robot brain to
give a laser show!

Dan Bowen


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