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DPRG: no subject (file transmission)

Subject: DPRG: no subject (file transmission)
From: David Philip Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Thu Feb 19 15:58:40 CST 1998


> Also, if David Anderson is listening in, I would appreciate a good write
> up on your bot and its capabilities.  There were so many mentioned in
> such a short time that I would like more info to do your work justice.

So, I can't get by just waving my hands around?  Actually I have started
on a writeup about my current bot, along with some drawings and so forth, but
I'm not very far along.  My suggestion to others is to document things as
you go (I wish I had!)  I'll see what I can get together, is there a deadline?

I also thought I'd throw in my 2 cents concerning quadrature optical encoders.
I made one work once for some experiments, and it was fairly simple. The A and
B outputs are 90 degrees out of phase, so when the A output went hi I tested
the B output.  If it was hi, the shaft direction  was clockwise (In my
setup) and if the B output was low, the direction was counter-clockwise.
Channel A was used to generate the interrupts, and the interrupt routine
read the channel B bit to determine the direction.  Don't know if this
is of any help in the current situation, good luck.



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