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DPRG: HC11 Bump Code

Subject: DPRG: HC11 Bump Code
From: barry jordan barry_jordan at email.msn.com
Date: Sun Feb 22 08:54:08 CST 1998

I'm working on Bump code for the Botboard One with a 2KEEPROM chip.
I included REAL TIME INTERRUPT code for a delay subroutine.
However, In one of my moods of desperation,
I erased the EEPROM with a Block Fill FF command through PCBUG.
Now, I think, some of the critical interrupt vector registers have been
Needless to say, The code doesn't behave at all like it should.
How do you reset all registers back to their factory defaults?
I also did it to my Botboard Two.
Your help is much appreciated.


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