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DPRG: Chip Packages and PICStart Plus Questions

Subject: DPRG: Chip Packages and PICStart Plus Questions
From: TimMicDet at aol.com TimMicDet at aol.com
Date: Sun Feb 22 12:15:48 CST 1998

    I am getting ready to buy the PICStart Plus Programmer from Digikey (Does
anyone know if this is a good programmer?), and have a few questions about it
and about PICs in general.  First of all will this programmer work with
Windows 95?  I just when to Microchip's web page and there it said it needed
Windows 3.1 or something like that, any ways it wasn't 95, is this true?
Another question I have is, what do the different type chips packages look
like, and which ones are the easiest to use?  Such as, what is a  Soic
package, a CDip, a PLCC, and a CLCC.  Which type of package do most people
use?  And also is there a name that tells you if a Dip package is going to be
a wide one, vs. the more common narrow ones.  One last question I just thought
of, what is the difference between Flash memory and EEProm memory?  The Flash
seems to be the better way to go, is it?
TimMicDet at aol.com


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