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DPRG: Chip Packages and PICStart Plus Questions

Subject: DPRG: Chip Packages and PICStart Plus Questions
From: James & Iliana Holbrook jandi at mpsi.net
Date: Mon Feb 23 01:54:16 CST 1998

	I have been using the PIC for about a year now. I think I can answer a few of 
your questions.
	First off. Are you dead set on using the PICStart Plus ?? There are some 
alternatives like the
simm sticks from http://www.wirz.com that are less expensive and more 
versatile. i.e. with the simm stick
you can program the chip (16F84 or any of the serial programmable chips), flip 
a switch and have it run
your code with test circuit attached. Very fast code development because your 
not swapping chips in and out
or waiting for the UV erasure.
	Second. MPLAB (the development environment) runs great in Win95 (I use it all 
the time) and I don't
see any reason why PICStart Plus wouldn't work, as it just plugs into your 
serial port. I doubt it will work in Windows NT.
	About the package. Depends on your application. I think you would prefer the 
CDip for development because of
the need to buy adapters for the other packages. If I remember right the 8, 18 
and 28 pin packages are narrow and the 40
is wide (0.600). Don't quote me on that !!
	Unfortunately I have only used the 16C84 because I don't want the hassle of a 
UV erasure, so I can't comment on
the others. The language is pretty easy to learn with only 35 instructions. You 
can't beat the turnaround time with the C84.
	As far as Flash verses EEPROM. You can't tell the difference when programming 
or running. From what I know the
Flash is just an upgraded version of EEPROM memory not actually a different 
type. You do get more RAM with the Flash.
	Hope this helps a little.
	Some other pages to check out are:

			James Holbrook

On Sunday, February 22, 1998 12:16 PM, TimMicDet at aol.com 
[SMTP:TimMicDet at aol.com] wrote:
> Hi,
>     I am getting ready to buy the PICStart Plus Programmer from Digikey (Does
> anyone know if this is a good programmer?), and have a few questions about it
> and about PICs in general.  First of all will this programmer work with
> Windows 95?  I just when to Microchip's web page and there it said it needed
> Windows 3.1 or something like that, any ways it wasn't 95, is this true?
> Another question I have is, what do the different type chips packages look
> like, and which ones are the easiest to use?  Such as, what is a  Soic
> package, a CDip, a PLCC, and a CLCC.  Which type of package do most people
> use?  And also is there a name that tells you if a Dip package is going to be
> a wide one, vs. the more common narrow ones.  One last question I just
> thought
> of, what is the difference between Flash memory and EEProm memory?  The Flash
> seems to be the better way to go, is it?
> Thanks,
> Timothy
> TimMicDet at aol.com


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