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DPRG: Servo Motor controller.

Subject: DPRG: Servo Motor controller.
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at asic.sc.ti.com
Date: Tue Feb 24 09:03:15 CST 1998

> Hi,
> I need to drive 3-4 stepper motors using a 68hc11.  Not too long ago I ran
> across a stepper driver chip that only needed 3 lines to control the speed
> of a stepper, and 1 line to control the direction.
> I've lost those brain cells over the past few weeks, and have no idea who
> made the chip, and hope some of you might have some knowledge of this and
> might be able to help.
> Thanks!

You can drive a stepper motor directly from a micro controller
in one of two ways unsing only two pins.

Phase A, Phase B:  Each pin controls one phase of the stepper
motor.  Software must provide the correct step sequence for
forward and reverse direction.  Microcontroller outputs can
go directly to a motor driver chip such as a L293 or L298.

Step, Direction:  This is the totally obvious way to go
>from the software point of view. The hardware must be a 
bit more sophisticated to provide the correct step sequence.
Allegro makes a single chip that does this, UCN-5084 ?.

Basically it's a hardware/software tradeoff.  I went the
Phase A/B route and wish I had gone the other way.

Good Luck,

- -Clay Timmons-


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