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DPRG: Servo Motor controller.

Subject: DPRG: Servo Motor controller.
From: john.r.strohm at bix.com john.r.strohm at bix.com
Date: Tue Feb 24 21:25:34 CST 1998

>I need to drive 3-4 stepper motors using a 68hc11.  Not too long ago I ran
>across a stepper driver chip that only needed 3 lines to control the speed
>of a stepper, and 1 line to control the direction.
>I've lost those brain cells over the past few weeks, and have no idea who
>made the chip, and hope some of you might have some knowledge of this and
>might be able to help.

Check the usual suspects:  National Semiconductor, Maxim, Phillips (used to
be Signetics).


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