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DPRG: RBNO: Fantastic Outing!

Subject: DPRG: RBNO: Fantastic Outing!
From: Millen, Bob BMillen at obiwan.intecom.com
Date: Wed Feb 25 09:18:05 CST 1998

Just an echo of Eric's comments.

I got there an hour late.  The
"tour" started just after I got
there.  What a treat.

It was a "bit off the beaten path"
for most of us--but well worth the
effort.  I was impressed with the
turn out--especially considering the

Apart from all the science and "war 
stories" there was a graciousness about
the way they treated us, their guests,
that made the evening for me a little 
like going to visit my folks in Iowa. (?)

Clearly last night left future RBNOs
with a lot to live up to--not that they
have to.  I especially appreciated Jerry 
Merriman's enthusiasm and unrestrained 
level of engagement in his interests.  
Like Eric, I was inspired.

- --Bob Millen


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