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Subject: DPRG: hi
From: John Alway jalway at icsi.net
Date: Wed Feb 25 17:42:52 CST 1998

      I found the book at Amazon books where it sells for $15.96, which is
lower than its list price of $19.95.

      TAB has a better description of the book than Amazon at this URL:

      To save people the trouble of looking, Amazon has the book at this URL:


Garrett A. Myrick wrote:

> Hey EvilEye and the rest:
> On a recent trip to the library, I picked up a book called: "Robots,
> Androids and Animatrons: 12 incredible projects you can build." by John
> Iovine. I've only had it for a day, and I'm considering throwing out the
> Robot Bonanza book! (just kidding! ;-). This is a seriously cool book.
> Sort of an updated version of The Robot Builders Bonanza (it was published
> in '97, compared to McCombs 1987). It has a bit of everything. Some
> robo-history, AI and ALife, power systems, battery charger, a little on
> air muscles, Nitinol, step & DC motors, all kinds of sensors, Basic
> Stamps, PICs, speech recongnition, BEAM robotics, telepresence, walkers,
> solar ball robot, ROVs and AUVs, aerobots, arms, hands, etc. etc.. Plus
> WWW references. Its a little bit bigger than the Robot Bonanza book, and
> probably the same cost. You can probably find out at
> <www.tabelectronics.com>. I could go on and on. But anyway, get a look at
> this book!
> Garrett Myrick
> <gamyrick at linknet.kitsap,lib.wa.us>
> On technology:
> "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room."
>                         -Unknown


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