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DPRG: Lynxmotion Robot Kits

Subject: DPRG: Lynxmotion Robot Kits
From: Jim Frye jfrye at lynxmotion.com
Date: Thu Feb 26 22:09:07 CST 1998

Hello Wesley?

>Hi Jim - I am here in the lower 48 for a bit longer but would love to order
>the "big Grip" when available after march 2nd - as usual I am making a buck
>out of town etc.
>The Hexapod II kit bought last year from you is finished but I have been
>"out of town" ( and the work does not allow me to bring toys - bummer ) and
>would like to add this to it.

The Big Grip fits snugly in between the two front legs of the Hexapod II!

>When you get ready to ship let me know - I will also need  to purchase
>servo's etc .

They are ready to ship, but it'll have to wait till Monday as we are out of
the office Friday.

>Thanks for the update via e mail.  

Thanks, Jim

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