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DPRG: Modify the New Micros Monitor PROM 32K x 8

Subject: DPRG: Modify the New Micros Monitor PROM 32K x 8
From: Wade A. Smith wasmith at aud.alcatel.com
Date: Fri Feb 27 07:51:46 CST 1998

> A few of you know that I am a bit upset that New Micro's Monitor chip
> does not support interrupts.  All that has to be done is to modify 8 (or
> so) memory locations so the interrupt vector jumps to its address +
> 8000h (where user programmable memory starts).  Unfortunately, I do not
> have the tools for this.  We need to read the 32K x 8 EPROM modify the
> locations, and burn another PROM identical except for those
> modifications.  Anyone have the equipment to do this? 

I have a PB-10 that will read/write EPROMs up to 128Kx8.

> Does anyone have the specifications for Intel Hex that is used in eprom
> programmers.  I think I can figure it out by looking at it, but it would

I usually read an EPROM and convert it to Intel Hex with debug and a C 
program I wrote to put the checksums on each line.  

The New Micro asm51 should already put out that hex file.  Of course, I
have slept since I used it.....

> be nice to see the spec.  My other option for the New Micros monitor is
> to roll my own, but I would only make it 8K or less, instead of 32K. I
> only use it for downloading and executing my program.
> Regards,
> Kip


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