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DPRG: call to action

Subject: DPRG: call to action
From: Jim Brown jbrown at cyberramp.net
Date: Sat Feb 28 20:56:47 CST 1998

Dear DPRGers:

How would you like for you and your robot to be on TV?!!!

Yep, at the DPRG robotics contest there WILL BE cable TV camermen
taping our contest.  DFW-Xchange corp along with some of the SIGS 
(apple corps, and NTPCUG) is planning to make three videos and one
of them will be of our upcomming robotics contest!  I sat in on their
meeting this morning and got all the cool details.

I would like to see anyone with a robot, working or not to 
bring your robots to this March 21st contest meeting.  If you
plan to enter the contest, I need for you to try your darndest
to get it in working order good enough to compete.  Then 
yessirbob, you could be on TV!

Also, for some of you business type folks who would like to have
a "spot" in the video, it seems for $500 or $1000, they were
willing to give you some sort of tag (I'm not sure about it, you'd
have to work it out with them).  I'm sure they'd welcome it though,
because they would like to fund more than just the 3 videos they
currently have planned.

The plan was to make three 30 minute videos of the March 21st
SuperSaturday meeting.  One of a group at 9:00am, one at 10:00am
and one of our robotics contest at 12:00pm.  Then they will
edit the videos and show them on some public access channels on
cable TV in our area, and possibly other areas of the country
and in some schools.  Since Dallas just passed the 4million mark,
if even 1 percent of 1 percent of that see this video, it could
mean quite a boost for the SuperSaturday attendance and probably
a boost for DPRG attendance as well!!!  The three videos will cost
about $5000 each or $15000 total.  If these go well, there is
talk of continuing making videos probably underwritten by some
big companies and probably by increasing the charge for the booths
slightly in the vendor area.

So if you were even slightly thinking of entering the contest,
you have 21 days to get your robot in competition order so that
you can be in the contest and possibly on TV!

Please chime in if your keen on this and if you plan to enter
your robot so we'll have an idea of how many plan to enter!!!  
I think I remember at least a couple that said they would have
their robot ready for the contest, and I'm sure if I get my
act together I might be able to get at least one robot ready,
and possibly two.

This could be the big ship that we've been waiting for!  Let's
not let it pass us by!

I mentioned that we had the video of the last contest, and they
said they wanted to see it, so I think I'll send them my copy
that I bought from Ed along with a copy of the contest we had
way back in 93.

They expected that we will have an MC, of which I hope that James
Vroman is still interested.  They may also have a "Lady personality"
>from one of the local access channels that actually has a call in
type show.  She's probably pretty lively and they said that she's
good on her feet.   I think this could be really exciting!

Even if your robot can't do the contest, I think it would be good
to bring your robot for a presentation - even the robots that were
at the last meeting would be good to be there since there will probably
be many new in attendance at this meeting.

I've also done a little advertisement on some of the newsgroups
about our robotics contest and have already received a little
interest.  I think this is going to be a really big meeting!
Whatever you do, don't miss it!

We probably need to have an emergancy RBNO meeting to discuss
what our plans are.  John Quinn said that he will call me Tuesday
to talk more about the contest and what he is planning to do to
tape our show.  I already spoke to him about what we do at our contest
and what he should expect.  He said that there will be two or
three camera men filming the contest and that he would like to
do some "head shots" of the robotics builders possibly before and
after the contest.  Also, he would like some sort of commentary
of each robot as it does it's thing.  It might take on some sort
of sportscaster type format - who knows.

I think they're hoping that our contest will be a real TV audience
crowd pleaser, and I think if we all dig in that we will make their
wish come true! ;-)  I'm so looking forward to this happening!  I
hope everyone is excited as much as I am to pull this off!

Suggestions welcome!

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