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DPRG: Datasheets website

Subject: DPRG: Datasheets website
From: Garrett A. Myrick gamyrick at linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
Date: Sat Feb 28 23:14:14 CST 1998

Everyone at DPRG and SRS:

On the Internet one night, I found a website that you can download
datasheets from. Yeah, I know there are about a bazillion and ninety-nine
of them - but this one is one of the ones I like. All of the datasheets
are in compact Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) files, and they have tons of them.
The only thing I don't like about them is that you can't search by part
number - only by function. Of course, this can be a good thing; if you
are looking for a certain kind of device, but not one in particular, for
example. You register with them, pick a login and
password, and off you go. I'm using a 28.8 KBPS modem, and it takes about
1-3 minutes per datasheet. You can also get a datasheet from a certain

Now for the question part of this message: does anyone know of a website
that I can download datasheets for different kinds of parts, not just ICs?
Like an LCD or a battery?

And on the side, I'm sorry I don't know your name, but you gave me a copy
of Autotrax at the SRS meeting. Thanks a lot! I love it, even if it is

Hope you find this info usefull,

Garrett Myrick
<gamyrick at linknet.kitsap,lib.wa.us>

On technology:
"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room."



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