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Subject: Fw: Fw: DPRG: Re: Audio
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Thu Jan 1 22:32:37 CST 1998

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>From: Gabe Velez <gvelez at richmond.infi.net>
>To: Ron Blue <rcb5 at msn.com>
>Date: Thursday, January 01, 1998 10:12 PM
>Subject: Re: Fw: DPRG: Re: Audio

>Ron Blue wrote:
>> >Using two microphones:  subtract each signal from the other.  If you
>> have a
>> >positive signal turn toward
>> >the right direction, if negative turn toward the left.

This part is sort of correct. But the signal would have to be rectified,
or converted into a fluctuating DC, where the amplitude of the noise is
converted to a steady but varying DC, and then input to a comparator. Or
better yet a bidirectional motor control circuit.

>> You can set this up
>> >with diodes to control
>> >the unit.  This should work in my opinion.  Good question.

Yeah, but the diodes will only convert the noise into the above.

>> >>> My thinking is to have two microphones, one per side of the head.
>> If no
>> >>>noise is detected, the head will follow a pre-programmed
>> "psudo-random"
>> >>>look around mode. If on the other hand one microphone detects more
>> noise
>> >>>than the other, the head will tend to turn in that direction until
>> the
>> >>>noise is equal from both "ears".

 BUT  NDS/CORE needs no pre-programming, and will be truly random, hence

My two cents



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