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DPRG: All robot builders know this....

Subject: DPRG: All robot builders know this....
From: Bill Coron bcoron at nac.net
Date: Fri Jan 2 05:41:26 CST 1998

David Beckham wrote:

> I, for one, am not much concerned with pushing the envelope of computing
> technology--I don't have the background, resources, or interest for
> that--I'm interested in creating little machines that can find their own
> way around in a seemingly autonomous fashion.  The relatively simple
> hardware and software involved are challenging enough, and the rewards
> from success are plenty gratifying.  Finding DPRG on the 'net was a very
> happy occurrance for me, because it seemed that like-minded 'bot
> enthusiasts with varying levels of skill and experience were pursuing
> similar objectives, and were willing to share tips, experiences, and
> even brainstorm ideas that came up.  This was exciting stuff, and I
> seldom deleted a post without reading it (even the ones devoted to
> organizational issues :-).
> posters provide.  Meanwhile, I'm stuck with reading the first few lines
> hoping to find a useful bit of information, feeling cheated when I don't
> find any, and doing the "Delete Dance" on the keyboard.

I couldn't have said it better myself.  I'd rather get 12 usefull message
the dprg in a day than have to spend the time weeding them out of 25-30.
There was a period of a couple of weeks in the past few months that the
amount of incoming mail was so overwhelming that I would find myself just
deleting blocks of dprg mail so I didn't have to deal with it.  I almost got
the point of dropping the list for a while.  Fortunately it didn't come to
This is coming from someone who doesn't often post or reply.  I'm more of
listener, absorbing all the great stuff you guys have to offer.


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