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DPRG: Re: 8051 development tools?

Subject: DPRG: Re: 8051 development tools?
From: Jim Brown jimbrown at airmail.net
Date: Fri Jan 2 16:27:24 CST 1998

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>Subject: Re: 8051 development tools?
>Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 20:14:52 -0800
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>> I made one for an 8k eprom a while back.  I went through all the
>> trouble of designing and etching a PC ISA card and wiring a zif socket
>> to writing software to burn eproms.  It's a huge task, and after is
>> all said and done, all it can do is that one type of eprom.  I'd
>> strongly recommend not following in my footsteps on that one, and just
>> go buy the one that you need.  Besides, it takes precious time away
>> from your original project.
>	Good point, I guess I have no other choice at the moment but to purchase
>EP-10 programmer, it should be good enough. You have any idea why it can't
>MC68hc11 MCU's? You think you might be able to modify it so it can? hmm...
>> Actually, let me try to persuade you otherwise.  First, you buy all the
>> chemicals, then you do all the stuff, then you drill the holes, then
>> when you're done, you've spent about the same amount, and about only one
>> in five of your homemade boards will work.  I've been there, done that.
>20% failure rate for you? Hmm.. well if you can get the process all down
>pat, then
>perhaps the success rate will be better. I know if you can do it yourself,
>then it will
>be cheaper. I have a lot of equipment already and I have some at work too.
>one of my co-workers use to work for OMNI graphics and I toured the plant.
>I'm really
>interested in the process.
>> Yep, the ones with the "C" in the middle are the Cmos version
>> ( 80C51 ), they are much more fuel efficient, your mileage may
>> vary.  There's gobs of versions that are faster, have more stuff
>> etc.
>	So there is some versions which consume less energy? Thats what I assumed,
>ps: Thanks for your help. You are right about PCB fabrication, it is tough
>to get the process right
>and often it is better to leave it up to others. However, my work
>background has helped me in this
>area. I currently work at a screen printing company, we mainly manufacture
>membrane switches...
>one of recent exployees use to work at OMNI graphics where they manufacture
>PCBs... I have
>read the books about PCB fab... toured the plant and have some experience
>with the process. Even if
>it is barely cheaper than say sending it out. I still want to do it, I want
>to master the process. Perhaps
>one day I will have a PCB fabrication business. I'll bet robotics will help
>me in this area..heh.. ttyl..
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