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DPRG: First Saturday Sale

Subject: DPRG: First Saturday Sale
From: Eric Yundt eric at sssi.com
Date: Fri Jan 2 23:33:58 CST 1998


Wade A. Smith wrote:
> My guess is that "First Saturday Sale" is tomorrow AM.  8-)
> Anyone going?
> What's a good time to get there?  

When I try to go, depends upon what (if anything) I'm looking for.  If
I don't have anything special that I'm trying to get that I expect to
have trouble finding, I usually try to get there around 10:30 AM.  This
gives me enough time to quickly make the rounds before too many vendors
start leaving and at around 10:30 - 11:00 I can usually talk my way in
(or find a side way in) to one of the parking lots for free.  Plus
hanging around at the bitter end has its advantages if you like
scrounging for scrap.  Many vendors are tired and willing to make any
kind of deal to get rid of their stuff and if they don't, they often
just leave good (not my wife's words)  ;-)  stuff behind.  Lot's of
freebies at that time of day.

Don't know if you know of this, but they've got a webpage now:

	http://www.sidewalksale.com	(I think?)


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