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DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Sat Jan 3 20:56:38 CST 1998

I am forwarding Gabe your message for his reply if he does not
like mine.  Ron Blue
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Date: Saturday, January 03, 1998 12:20 PM
Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

>Ron Blue wrote:

Forwarded to the group!  By the way Apple Computer began as a hobby
of computer enthusiast so I am wondering is the Dallas group a non-profit
interest corporation?
>Well, I would be giving Little Ricci 2 away if I did.
> http://www.neutronicstechcorp.com/private/
> I looked at the Little Ricci 2 blurb you posted.

Gabe is currently building the second generation Little Ricci.  Little Ricci
a scaled down version of RICCI which has never been built.  RICCI is a
down version of ENTICY a human level machine.

> Please don't be offended, but what sensors are on Little Ricci 2, and
> what does it do?

Well I was trying to talk Gabe into a special arrangement for walking and
because I thought a human looking Robot would be more impressive walking
around under its own control.  Currently Little Ricci One only sees
with infrared sensors and can control its own movement.  It has a RS 232
which could be used to communicate between Robots allowing them to act as
one.    Gabe wants a Robot that can also hear and talk so I believe these
will be
added to the Little Ricci exploratory series.

Ricci does nothing except to have self control, self determination, and self

> Also if the CORE processor does so many gazillion operations per second
> why do you need six of them for this little robot?

I honestly don't know, but I believe the CORE processor have to be put in
series so that the lenght of memory can approach 45 years as a harmonic

> I saw a very intelligent appearing robot at the November DPRG meeting
> that was about 1/4 the size and ran on a 1 MIP microcontroller. It
> navigated the environment very well.

Was it controlled by a radio or computer program?  If so it was not
it only gave the appearance of intelligence.  Did you know that you can take
pictures and show them one after another and it will look like a TV program?
Is it a TV program? NO!

Ricci is self controlled.  The protocal can be model in a very primitive
as a game that learns.  Ask the webmaster at NTC for permission to download
game Roach and you can see what looks like learning.

>  It also had "visual input
> receptors", e.g. a couple sensors to tell light and dark, IR motion
> detectors, and IR avoidance.  In addition it had "forward, backward,
> side to side movement parameters" in the form of dual ultrasound
> sensors, as well as bumper sensors. I think it had only a single
> parallel pathway (8-bit data bus).  It too was a "Real Independently
> Controlled Computational Intelligent autonomous noid". You put it down
> on the floor and it took off on its own, no human interaction.  It
> seemed pretty smart to those of us who saw it.

Did it push a child's wagon it was looking at when it got out of the sun by
going under
a tree with no control, or program?  Did it approach a large ball that was
in its visual
field with no program or control?   Did it do this with no circuit designed
to do any
of the above?  Does the Dallas group want to build and play with RICCI Three
under a demonstration license agreement?   I am not authorized to offer this
I do not know if NTC would agree, but it seems reasonable.  You supply all
work and parts, NTC supplies a licence and instructions.  Apple computer
people to build and run the first Apple computer so NTC might be willing to
do the same.  NTC is interest in licence agreements and patents so they may
be willing to do this especially if the Dallas group was non-profit would
become a competitor.

Ron Blue

> Regards,
> Kip


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