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DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Sun Jan 4 11:54:15 CST 1998

Ron Blue wrote:
> > I saw a very intelligent appearing robot at the November DPRG meeting
> > that was about 1/4 the size and ran on a 1 MIP microcontroller. It
> > navigated the environment very well.
> Was it controlled by a radio or computer program?  If so it was not
> intelligent
> it only gave the appearance of intelligence.  Did you know that you can take
> pictures and show them one after another and it will look like a TV program?
> Is it a TV program? NO!
> Ricci is self controlled.  The protocal can be model in a very primitive
> form
> as a game that learns.  Ask the webmaster at NTC for permission to download
> the
> game Roach and you can see what looks like learning.
> >  It also had "visual input
> > receptors", e.g. a couple sensors to tell light and dark, IR motion
> > detectors, and IR avoidance.  In addition it had "forward, backward,
> >and
> > side to side movement parameters" in the form of dual ultrasound
> >ranging
> > sensors, as well as bumper sensors. I think it had only a single
> > parallel pathway (8-bit data bus).  It too was a "Real Independently
> > Controlled Computational Intelligent autonomous noid". You put it down
> > on the floor and it took off on its own, no human interaction.  It
> > seemed pretty smart to those of us who saw it.

It was running autonomously with no human interaction and getting out of
different situations on its own.

> Did it push a child's wagon it was looking at when it got out of the sun by
> going under
> a tree with no control, or program?  

Does Little Ricci 2 do this?

> Did it approach a large ball that was
> in its visual
> field with no program or control? 
Does Little Ricci 2 do this?

> Did it do this with no circuit designed
> to do any
> of the above?  

> Does the Dallas group want to build and play with RICCI Three
> under a demonstration license agreement?   
> I am not authorized to offer this
> so
> I do not know if NTC would agree, but it seems reasonable.  You supply all
> the
> work and parts, NTC supplies a licence and instructions.  

How much are we talking about in terms of cost?  If it is not too
expensive, I am certain there is someone in the DPRG who would be
interested in playing with this.

> Apple computer
> allowed
> people to build and run the first Apple computer so NTC might be willing to
> do the same.  NTC is interest in licence agreements and patents so they may
> be willing to do this especially if the Dallas group was non-profit would
> not
> become a competitor.

DPRG is a non-profit entity for the educational purposes of teaching
people about robots.

Personally, I am a systems engineer designing hardware, software and
sensors. And while that is my business, you do not have anything to
worry about from me, being a compeditor. I am not interested in things
that may or may not do what you want them to do. (P.S. I don't have cats
either.) :)



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