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DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Sun Jan 4 22:09:27 CST 1998

>> Does the Dallas group want to build and play with RICCI Three
>> under a demonstration license agreement?
>> I am not authorized to offer this
>> so
>> I do not know if NTC would agree, but it seems reasonable.  You supply
>> the
>> work and parts, NTC supplies a licence and instructions.
>How much are we talking about in terms of cost?  If it is not too
>expensive, I am certain there is someone in the DPRG who would be
>interested in playing with this.

What about a group effort as a non-profit corporation?  Corporations are
legal persons under the law and may enter into a contract.  As a non-profit
corporation, I believe that NTC could be friendly.  The publicity would be
good for both organizations and generate interest in autonomous robots.
Since your organization would be doing all the work as a group educational
experience, it would seem the price could be low in principle and the
agreement friendly.  I will forward your communication to NTC.
Ron Blue


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