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Subject: DPRG: Re: DPRGlist Bounces
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Mon Jan 5 15:12:14 CST 1998

> Thanks for forwarding my recent posts to the DPRGlist.
> Apparently MajorDumbo ;-) has a problem with my Email reply-to or maybe
> I keep changing it.

Yep, I'll see what I can do.  I've been too busy (er, um, lazy) to
see what the problem was.  I'll try to look into why it didn't
work.  I'll go ahead and add that underscore spelling too so that
it should catch that one also.
> I sincerely hope that their rhetoric and
> pseudo-science concerning the CORE processor is not indicative of the
> academic training now available at our learning institutions.  These
> guys are so confused, I'm tempted to propose my version of an
> electro-chemical brain, which can actually work and learn.  It uses a
> jelly like substance which can establish transient but reinforceable
> conductive paths from the inputs to the outputs.

Ya know the type, they've just gotta make themselves look good.  I've got
the biggest, fastest, smallest, better than you got gizmo.  No matter if
I can't prove it.  You just have to take my word for it.  And even if it
all sounds too good to be true, I say it's true, because I say so.  If you
ask me detailed questions about it, I can't tell you because that would
be letting on too much that it's all a big lie.  Even though they're
aim is to make themselves look good, all they're doing is making themselves
look bad.  They're just inviting to be ridiculed since they don't have
any proof.

The trick is to just stop talking to them, because arguing with them
just spurs them on.  I've been fighting the urge to drop them from
the list out of kindness.  You know the problem, if you keep the
bad ones, you loose the good ones.  I've already heard from several
who are ready to drop from the list if those guys don't cut it out.
I'm afraid I'll have to step in and do the unthinkable.  Maybe they'll
calm down and I won't have to do that.

Anyway, I too have a new brain substance.  It's made out of silicon,
ammonia and nitrogen mixture.  A few seconds after I created it, it
figured out how to make jello out of belly button lint and also it
knows how to discern the difference in look and texture between spam
fake spam.  Since the chemicals that make it are so redily available,
I noticed it growing in my garage.  Oh, and did I mention it makes a
great snack food, rust remover, plant fertilizer and small animal deturrant? 
However, it's learning process slows the more you eat.  I think it still needs
something - ?salt?  Anyway, when I tried adding salt, it shriveled up
and died and mystically disappeared.  So, I can't prove my outlandish
claims.  It doesn't really matter, though, because I forgot to add
inputs and outputs, so although it runs lightning fast, there's no
way to tell what it's doing.  It managned to communicate via telepathy,
(that's how I know about the jello) but you could only hear it if you
were right handed - I'm not sure why yet except for that maybe it has
something to do with ESP recepters in the left half of your brain are
more alert than the right half of your brain.  Anyway, I'm also
considering marketing my WOM (write only memory), it's based on similar

Now, back to reality.  I got my robot to roll under computer control.
Right now all it does is a test pattern so I can see the motors turn.
I'm hoping to get the Sonar working soon so that it'll be able to
follow a wall soon.  To do that, I'll probably want to hook up an LCD
so that I can see what it thinks it's getting on the sonar.  There's
still a lot of work to do.  And with the Riven game I got for Christmas,
there's not much time before the contest.  ;-)

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