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Subject: DPRG: BOUNCE dprglist@dprg.org: Non-member submission from [Gabe Velez <gvelez@richmond.infi.net>]
From: Michael Osborne mosborne at erols.com
Date: Mon Jan 5 15:24:43 CST 1998

This really sounds like a neat idea!  You wouldn't happen to have a sketch
of how that was setup on the Hero would you?  Was this arrangement on the
Hero all switching logic, (for example, illustrative purposes only, the
capacitor which built up the biggest charge drove the direction of motion)
or was there software involve to help figure out the direction of motion on
the Hero.  Not to complicate the idea, but what do you think about using two
such reflectors to get more info on the phase difference from the source?


Alan Bredon wrote:

> That brings up another idea on directional sound detection.  This was
> used on the Heathkit Hero, I believe:
> Use a "mirror" reflector attached to a stepper (or servo or motor with a
> potentiometer) to rotate 360 degrees, reflecting the the sound down to a
> mic below (facing up).  I've been planning to use this approach on my
> Otto.  This reflector is flat and mirrored to also reflect light and the
> poloroid ranging signals.  The Hero used this technique to "follow" a
> flashlight, to track sounds, and for ranging.  The reflector's position
> (azimuth) is the sound/light position.  It can spin continuously (like a
> radar does) or use a controlled rotation algorithm.  I plan on adding an
> elevation component to allow ranging to the upper walls for navigation
> and lower for obstacle detection.  Ranging, navigation, sound and light
> tracking, intrusion detection, etc. all in one unit! Cool or what?


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