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DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: Michael Renzmann renzman at stud.fh-frankfurt.de
Date: Sun Jan 4 15:54:22 CST 1998

Hi Ron.

A few lines at the start: I read the thread between you and some others
in this
mailing-list. The information you gave sounded interesting, but I´m also
sceptic with new techniques. Especially with such I never heared before
one single source.
Please, don´t understand my questions as a force against you or your
But I have to ask some questions in order to make my own opinion of it.

> Was it controlled by a radio or computer program?  If so it was not
> intelligent it only gave the appearance of intelligence.  

After reading this line I would be interested in your definition of
But: please try to keep it as easy as possible to you, because I´m not
very keen in
english language and have some difficulties in understanding extrem
technical or
scientific words. Thanks.

Bye, Mike


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