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DPRG: Re: Dallas Personal Robotics Group Meeting

Subject: DPRG: Re: Dallas Personal Robotics Group Meeting
From: Gecko Systems, Inc. geckosystems at earthlink.net
Date: Tue Jan 6 12:37:45 CST 1998


Jim said:
> Even though I like doing it, the hardware always seems to me like
> a necessary evil for the thing I like best, which is the software.
> It turns out I end up wasting valuable time on the hardware 
> and do just a little of the software I'd rather do.

Couldn't help but resonate with your feelings here.  I have felt the 
same way for over 15 years and I am working _very_ hard to make home 
robots software problems instead of hardware.   When I left the 
Atanta Robot Club in '87, hardware was the problem.

It is time for the home robot.  I'm a "doer."

Take care-

Martin Spencer
Gecko Systems, Inc.
"we build utilitarian home robots"


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