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Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: S Sunder sunder at rocketmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 7 07:49:17 CST 1998

Hi Friends!

I looked at few mails asking questions about the
Intelligence in the Robots.

Well, an intellegent system (it could be a robot) learns and
uses information (knowledge) on its own. The actions
of the systems are as per the character of that system
which is altered only by the knowledge (past experiences)
and its basic understanding of the current environment.

It is also possible that an Intelligent system can
work along with other intellegent systems but not fully
govern by the external system.

If you have a DOG and a DOG like toy pulled by a child.
Which do you think will behave in intellegent way? They
may go in same direction but the actions of the DOG are
more under its own making.

While the DOG has a lower degree of intellegence it 
known its master and others and uses its knowledge
in its actions. It will also learn from sitiation.

The lower degree of intellegence is rather intutive
or simply a response to the signals but there is hardly
any knowledge. Insects go by senses and random motion.
No, knowledge. If the senses become dull ot the response
of the senses is modified then and only then the actions
may differ in such cases.

Remote controlled toys are not intelligent as long as
they can not learn from the experiences and act on their

It is not very important on how you introduce the 
intelligence in the system at the first place. It should
be there in one form or the other.

If all senses are dead and there are actions then they 
are only intutive of the system. They are not intelligent
actions. Response to the past wold of knowledge and the
current world of experience must govern the future. That
is intelligence.

I was not to answer this question yet I did so please
forgive me for causing an interference. Did you get
anything out of it at the first place? My English ??!!

Shyam India

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- ---Michael Renzmann <renzman at stud.fh-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> Hi Ron.
> A few lines at the start: I read the thread between you and some others
> in this
> mailing-list. The information you gave sounded interesting, but I´m also
> sceptic with new techniques. Especially with such I never heared before
> except
> one single source.
> Please, don´t understand my questions as a force against you or your
> technique.
> But I have to ask some questions in order to make my own opinion of it.
> > Was it controlled by a radio or computer program?  If so it was not
> > intelligent it only gave the appearance of intelligence.  
> After reading this line I would be interested in your definition of
> ´intelligence´.
> But: please try to keep it as easy as possible to you, because I´m not
> very keen in
> english language and have some difficulties in understanding extrem
> technical or
> scientific words. Thanks.
> Bye, Mike

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