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DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2

Subject: DPRG: Re: Little Ricci 2
From: Kevin Ross kevinro at nwlink.com
Date: Wed Jan 7 16:58:58 CST 1998

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>From: David Beckham <dbeckham at bectec.com>

>> Rule of thumb:  My own personal habit is to replace the word Intelligent
>> with the word Beautiful whenever I read it in a paper. This keeps my mind
>> from trying to defend my own 'intelligence', and also allows me to
>> understand the authors views while taking into account the subjective
>> of the claim. I read 'The robot demonstrated intelligence as it
>> with the environment. ' with the factual equivalent 'The robot
>> beauty as it interacted with the environment.'
>> Kevin
>Ah, but while I (and no doubt many other Amateur Roboticists) would
>agree, "Beauty" too, is in the eye of the beholder, and therefore more
>subjective than factual. :-)

Which is exactly why I chose the word Beautiful in the first place. 'factual
equivalent' means has the same factual value. In this case, the factual
value of 'intelligent' is extremely low.

Glad you agree.



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