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DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling

Subject: DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Fri Jan 9 10:10:17 CST 1998

> > A baby knows nothing, it just lays there and looks around.
> Why do you says knows nothing?

As in, "relatively nothing" compared to an adult.  The baby is
at the beginning.  Everyone knows that.  Except for some innate
instructions, the baby is at the beginning of learning.  These
are just observations and philosophy, not scientific proof.  These
observations were generalized for applying for how to make robotic
intelligence.  Of course this says nothing about what they've
already learned in the womb, that if they kick momma's ribs,
she will double up in pain not the light flashes seen because
of big sister and her flashlight.

If one were to make a robot based on these observations, their
robot would go through a baby state, and start out with no
knowledge.  It would lay there and just look around.  Then as
time progresses (perhaps in microseconds) the baby robot would
begin to gain knowledge.
> (experimentation)
> > Then, they realize that they're hungry and scream out in pain.
> (natural reflex, output)
> Hunder is inside sense and screem is not the foist idea to
> get milk. Screem is there as an intutive action in the baby
> perhaps for muscle excercise. It gets coupled to the 
> demands when it learns that the mother offers milk only with
> this signal. Success is a pleasure and the failure a pain.

In my observation, whenever a person is in pain, they scream.
Try taking a hammer and whacking your thumb (or your friends
thumb, but don't tell them I said for you do do it).
It is not just an excercise of muscles, it is an innate
reflex response.

In this oberservation, a robot would need to be created with
some built in reflex responses.  IE: something to help it
a long with the process.  Just as you put your finger over
a flame, your hand draws back, the robot should have some
similar reflex responses programmed in or it will not be
complete.  Some things babys and robots should not have
to learn, they should be innate.  Like the robot should have
bumper switches, and should not have to learn that it should've
stopped before it busted a hole in the wall.  The wise programmer
would've programmed some innate responses, that when a bumper
sensor goes off, the instant reaction is to stop, or back off,
or shut down, or some other safety response.  Also, if it's
power is getting weak, it's response is to seek out a wall
receptical.  You can't learn if your power runs out!!!

> > They start sucking the bottle. (natural reflex)
> That is not so simple. A drop of milk in the mouth triggers
> many harmone related process ans the baby learns to 
> accelerate the process.

Here again you're wrong.  You either have never had kids,
or you never put a pacifier or a finger in their mouth.
They immediately start sucking.  Sucking,
is an innate natural reaction in babies,
they don't have to learn to do it, they just do it
instictively.  What they have to learn, though, is what
sucking does for them - it gets them milk - it satisfies
their pain in their tummy - then they stop crying because
their's no pain to set off the crying reflex.

> > They feel better so they quit crying. (pain gone, reflex not necessary)
> Yes. The pain of hunger may go this way. Whem other pain 
> comes then the baby is forced into that state and the baby
> is actually not looking for the mother but to getrid of it
> with inferior knowledge.

I don't understand your statement.
I said they feel better so they quit crying. (period)
> You cry in a hopeless state and that is intutive.

Well except for crys of joy! ;-)
> There is a sequence in which the learning abilities develop.
> Like you have first standard and then second standard
> education. You don't just all up unless you are alien or
> something like that.

What I was trying to observe was how can we understand the
learning process by observing a baby.  I think that (1) some
things are instinctive, and then (2) while executing those
instinctive procedures other learned abilities should occur
was my point.  You'll never reach the adult state unless you
first get through the baby state, the child state, the teenage
state, the young adult state, etc.  I was just observing the
baby state.

Anyway, I'd rather be like as Roger seems to be saying, a robot
doer, than just philosiphising about robotics.

It's not as easy as it looks.

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