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DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling

Subject: DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling
From: Alan Bredon alanb at cryogen.com
Date: Fri Jan 9 11:32:20 CST 1998

Jim Brown wrote:

> Case 5:
> The baby goes near a power socket (want)
> Mommy spanks baby (painful deterrant)
> Baby cries in pain (reflex action)
> maybe happens a few more times and then
> the baby learns not to go near the socket (deturred/dislike)

Your discussion of forms of intelligence and behavior is well thought
I believe that the first step (want) is an inherent curiosity or a
constant stimulus to investigate the environment.
This is the part of behavior that may be sort of instinctive and is
necessary to start the intelligence gathering process.
Without it a being/robot would sit in one place at the

I would like to add another scenario to Case 5 from personal experience:

Case 5a:
Baby goes towards a power socket (want)
Mom's not around (cool)
Baby sticks something into socket (experiment)
Baby notices interesting phenomena (sensory perception)
Baby grows up to be an engineer (want, (craving more sensory stimuli))
Baby, now engineer, fools around with robotics (utopia (and possibly
inherent Frankenstein instinct))

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