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DPRG: January Meeting

Subject: DPRG: January Meeting
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Fri Jan 9 16:30:24 CST 1998

Dear DPRGers:

I was just wondering if anyone will plan to do trial runs
at the January meeting or if they plan to bring a robot
just to show.

I think I'll bring my new robot, unfinished as it is and
show it off.  It might even roll on it's own!  Woooooo.

- ----------------------------------------------------------

So far for the January meeting we will need to do elections
of officers for the new year.  I would like to see that the
officers will be those that we will need for the new bylaws
that will be compatible with the 501c status that we voted for.

We should probably have elections for at least President,
Vice President, Secretary, and Tresurer.

President:  (currently:  Jim Brown)

	Moderates the meetings, makes executive decisions.

Vice President:  (currently:  no one)

	Fills in when the President can't be there.

Secretary:  (currently:  no one)

	Keeps minutes of the meetings.  Editor of the

Treasurer:  (currently:  no one)

	Keeps up with the DPRG account.

- ----------- other offices we have -------------

Librarian:  (currently:  Tyce Elkins)

	Keeps track of DPRG books.

Software/Hardware Librarian:  (currently:  Kevin Carter)

	Keeps track of the DPRG software and hardware.

Parts Librarian:  (currently:  Roger Arrick)

	Keeps track and distributes the electronics donated
	for robotics building.

- --------- committees ---------------

Contest committee:  (currently:  Jim Brown (chairman),
	Eric Yundt, Clay Timmons)

These offices are probably better defined in the new bylaws
doc that will be compatible with the 501c stuff that we voted
to do.  Hopefully they'll be done soon and we can vote on them.

Right now, the only office we have is President, and I'm
pretty much doing all of the above - Clay has filled in when
I couldn't been there.  We also have a librarian but I haven't
seen him in several meetings.

Probably what we'll do at the next meeting is first nominate
and vote on the president.  Then, that person will moderate
the rest of the meeting and continue elections, show-and-tell,
and robotics chat that we'll have.

Be thinking of who you would like to nominate and vote for
in the upcoming elections.

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