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DPRG: Fw: 21 JAN 97 TACART: Schall on Robot Learning

Subject: DPRG: Fw: 21 JAN 97 TACART: Schall on Robot Learning
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Sat Jan 10 07:22:12 CST 1998

>>Los Angeles (LA) Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
>>Technical Activity Committee on Artificial Intelligence (TACART)
>>             TACART
>>TOPIC:       Robot Learning: The Next Generation
>>SPEAKER:     Prof. Stefan Schaal, USC
>>DATE:        21 January 1997 (Wednesday night)
>>TIME:        The talk will begin at 7:30.
>>PLACE:       Loyola Marymount University, Pereira Hall.
>>             LMU is located at Loyola Blvd. and 80th Street in
>>             Westchester. From the 405, take the Manchester exit
>>             and proceed west to Loyola Blvd.  Turn north, and
>>             continue until you enter the LMU campus.  Ask the
>>             guard for directions to Pereira Hall. Parking is free.
>>ABSTRACT:    The next generation of robots will be very different.
>>             Robots must learn from experience, react to changes, and
>>             handle mulltiple tasks. A new approach is required: we
>>             need to program robots as we "program" humans.  Humans
>>             observe others, learn by trial and error, and accept
>>             instruction about what is important and what is correct.
>>             This talk will focus on three critical ingredients for
>>             this new pproach: neural network learning algorithms for
>>             continual incremental learning, nonlinear dynamic systems
>>             for finding good planning and execution primitives, and
>>             learning from demonstration. Videotape illustrations will
>>             show how results from our research have enabled a complex
>>             anthropomorphic robot arm to efficiently learn several
>>             manipulation tasks both autonomously and from a teacher.
>>BIOGRAPHY:   Stefan Schaal is an Assistant Professor at the Dept.
>>             of Computer Science and the Neuroscience Program at
>>             USC. He holds additional appointments as Head of the
>>             Computational Learning Group of the Kawato Dynamic
>>             Brain Project (ERATO/JST) and at the Kinesiology
>>             Dept. at Penn State. Before joining USC, Dr. Schaal
>>             was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, held a position
>>             in Japan as Invited Researcher, and was an Adjunct
>>             Assistant Professor at the Georgia Tech.
>>DINNER:      No dinner is planned.  No social activities are planned.
>>NEWSGROUPS:  Announced in comp.ai, la.seminars, ca.seminars.
>>HOMEPAGE:    http://server.eng.lmu.edu/tacart/tacart.html
>>CONTACTS:    L. Andrew Campbell campbell at aero.org (310) 336-8642 or
>>             Program Chair Barney Toma tomab at ecn.com (310) 323-8451.
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