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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Sat Jan 10 13:49:15 CST 1998

>You have got to be kidding!  Tell me how you know your robot "feels"
>the pain.

Pain is a discreptant signal from two are more channels of information.
Consider the case of phantom limb pain.  After having your arm cut off
you report extreme pain from an arm that does not exist.
Why?  Neuro communication is two way.  The brain says to the arm
how are you doing down there and the arm is missing so it sends no
message back.  The lack of a message is discreptant and is intrepreted
as pain.  Since the CORE process is a homostateous system of two
electronic signals in opposition to each other, any discrepant message
is the physical equilivent of pain relative to the human system.
"There is no gain (information) in (robotic) life without some pain."
Does Ricci FEEL pain?  No.  Frogs do not feel pain, slaves do not feel
pain.  Only humans like yourself and me feel pain.

> Your robot has no inputs remember?

It has sensors that supplies information which it learns and develops
an oppositional signal cancelling out the background information.
The figure information can not be cancelled out because it is mildly
discrepant and gets the systems attention like a reflex.

>  Are you telling me
>that just by _seeing_ an image it feels pain?

Interesting question.  The report was on people.  I know that illusion
are processed in opponent process systems for example:

"Neuro netters are developing and experimenting with computer programs
to simulate neural activity.  To us the most exciting results
have been generated with a program call EXIN.  Jonathan A. Marshall
and Richard K. Alley (1993) reported that EXIN (excitatory +
inhibitory) network self-organized by using inhibitory and excitatory
learning rules with two parallel opponent channels or chains.  This
program successfully learned depth relations from occlusion event."

This is an illusion that we can not function without and is critical for
an intelligent system.  It is normal for us because we use Correlational
Opponent Process.  The Correlational Opponent Ratio Enhanced (CORE)
processor also does the same and would be subject to common
illusions.   Occassionaly the signal value exceed the homeostateous
balance and would act as if it was pain.

> What happens if you turn
>the lights out?

It sees in infrared so nothing.

> These are the principles on which your robot works???

Yes, it models how the brain works intentionally.

>Do you just discuss philosophy, or are you really trying to figure
>out for yourself robotic intelligence and build intelligent robots,
>or are you just wasting people's time and pull them off of real robotic

It started with trying to understand how the brain works.  Then the
reduction to practice of the model is an artificial human or robot
called RICCI or Real Independently Controlled Computated Intelligence.
It is typical in science that progression in one field leads to important
developments in other fields.   Actually, I spend alot of my time talking
about quantum mechanics, because the CORE has lead to important
development in QM since it is an entangled system.  This has important
implications for non-local effects.  Based on what little information
we have observed to date it appears that the Copenhagen interpretation
of QM is true.   As proof of this when you use the delete key, this
will disappear.  But non-local effects will continue and resonnant in
which is similar to Sheldrake's Morphic Resonnance model.
Robotics is a field that is a resonnance from the past and interestingly
a quantum mechanics non-local point of view from the future.

>  Above is supersitious nonsense and a complete waste of time.

It interesting you mentioned this.  A complete understand of QM would
give us the knowledge of the past and its magic as a complete reality.
"One man's magic is another's technology."  (Robert Heinlein)
NTC is willing to allow you to know and use the technology as a non-profit
organization.  Others will see it as magic.
All of life is a diversion or a waste of time.  I'm sure your friends ask
after building a robot what does it do.  Well it moves you say.  It avoids
objects.  It backs up.  Isn't it neet?  And your friend replys, "Its a waste
of time."
They waste their time in different ways, like going to the Cotton Bowl for
game of the century.

>Your emails have been wearing out my delete finger.  Try to raise your
>signal to noise ratio a bit, would ya.
Well I am trying.
Ron Blue
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