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DPRG: Sbasic , gambling , and probability

Subject: DPRG: Sbasic , gambling , and probability
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Sun Jan 11 16:22:04 CST 1998

Eric B. Olsen wrote:
> Corey,
> I'm glad to see someone talk about the need for random generators in robotics
> .... you're right, it's a very important ingredient.
> As I work in the gaming equipment manufacturing field (as in gambling!), I may
> be able to help you a little.  Do you need help with a random number generator
> for you application?
> I'd give you some stuff now, but it's going to take a little research first.
> Eric Olsen.

Oh did I read it wrong and the request was for a random number
generator?  If you are doing anything in computers that involves
mathematics I recommend getting "Numerical Recipes in C" (there are
versions for FORTRAN and Pascal also) by William Press, Brian Flannery,
Saul Teukolsky and William Vetterling, Cambridge University Press 1988.
ISBN 0-521-35465-X Book, ISBN 0-521-35466-8 C diskette.  There is also
an example book and diskette.  

A second very valuable source for those more math oriented is Volume 2
of "The Art of Computer Programming: Seminumerical Methods" by Knuth,
Addison-Wesley,  1981. ISBN 0-201-03822-6 (v.2) This has more than what
you will want to know about generating random numbers.

For truly random numbers (as opposed to psudo-random numbers that a
computer can generate,) you could have an antenna or a microphone and an
op-amp amplifying the signal and a D/A measuring the white noise, and
use the number as your random number or as part of the seed to your
random number generator. (Assuming you sample randomly and there are no
strong signals nearby.)



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