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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Alan Bredon alanb at cryogen-NOSPAM.com
Date: Mon Jan 12 09:06:39 CST 1998

Ron Blue wrote:

> Pain is a discreptant signal from two are more channels of
> information.
> Consider the case of phantom limb pain.  After having your arm cut off
> you report extreme pain from an arm that does not exist.
> Why?  Neuro communication is two way.  The brain says to the arm
> how are you doing down there and the arm is missing so it sends no
> message back.  The lack of a message is discreptant and is intrepreted
> as pain.  Since the CORE process is a homostateous system of two
> electronic signals in opposition to each other, any discrepant message
> is the physical equilivent of pain relative to the human system.
> "There is no gain (information) in (robotic) life without some pain."
> Does Ricci FEEL pain?  No.  Frogs do not feel pain, slaves do not feel
> pain.  Only humans like yourself and me feel pain.

Ron, you have way too much time on your hands to be trying to explain
how the brain works when it is clear yours doesn't.

The Brain does not "say" anything to the arm, cut-off or otherwise.  Our
nervous system does not work in a polling mode.
Phantom pain is caused by the stupid nerve self-triggering and sending
pain pulses toward the brain.  Many phantom pain cases involve the nerve
forming a knotted mass trying to grow towards the mating end which is
now nonexistent.
It is well known that nerves search out and try to re-connect across a
separation.  Try reading Dr. Becker about pain in "The Body Electric"

Nerve communication is not two way in the sense you state.  The brain
sends signals to the muscles and the tissues send signals back.  Dr.
Becker talks about polarity reversals due to pain which help trigger
repair and immune responses.  It is not known how these polarity
reversals occur, but it certainly is not from *magic resonance*.

Slaves do feel pain.  I haven't asked a frog, lately, whether that gig
hurt and it didn't say.  All animals feel pain, not just humans, and
that includes human fetuses after the first 6 weeks.  Haven't you ever
heard a dog yelp when hit with a newspaper.  If not, you must live in a
closet with a stack of books.

I really don't like to flame people, but your flim-flam and
pseudo-science is obfuscated to the point of being a pain to my eyes.  I
don't know where you got your education, but please tell me so I can
keep my kids away.  You are fixated in a mathematical representation of
AC wave propagation theory and you don't know anything about the body,
brain, or any real system in existence.  The more I try to understand
your diatribe and that of the NTC group of money-wishing neuro-nuts the
more I can see that you are all severely confused.  Did you do too many
drugs in the seventies?

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