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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Mon Jan 12 14:50:39 CST 1998

>...These sensory systems then create waves or wavelets.  A
> wave generator for warm and a wave generator for cold with increasing
> signals up to a maximum signal strength.  In the integrative systems
> of the brain these wavelets would result in producing an integrative
> opponent-processing wavelet.  This wavelet created by interaction and
> multiple correlations of a rotational nature results in the perception
> of pain.

....And your little ricci robot strictly follows this I suppose?
It's funny how no matter what disscussion is brought up, that your
little ricci robot already does it.  How cool?  Neural network -
does that, perceives pain - does that, brain wave forms - does that,
vision dsp - does that, understand females - does that, 
communicates with god - does that... 

I once attached an oscilliscope to my brain with alligator clips.
Your hypothesis must be correct, because I could see wave forms and
it really hurt!  ;-)

As I read these emails, I feel pain!  Do us a favor and quit sending
these nonsense pesudo-science emails. 

It seems that you'd rather forward emails about the weird than about reality.
You do not seem to be on a path of robotic enlightenment, but rather
on some sort of advertising scheme for your CORE pseudo-technology.
Why do you feel compelled to convince us about your vaporware.  Why
would you be bothering with us small timers if you have such a grandious
discovery???  Maybe you should start advertising in some tabloids next
to the articles about the wolf boy who eats his own foot, and the alien
who abducts the president and shows him 1998 prophicies.  You could have
your own column.  You've got enough literature that you could forward
to them on a daily basis, and it would relieve us of the constant bother of
having to hit the delete key.  There, you might raise even more money for
non-disclosure agreements than the 5 plastic white elephant charms and
the all seeing eye pyramid necklace that are guaranteed to bring you luck 
for only $19.95 (that cost them only pennies to make - what a scam!).
I guess some people will believe anything, and you could cash in on that!

Quantum mechanics is the dreams that stuff are made of. 

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