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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Mon Jan 12 19:54:00 CST 1998

>Quantum mechanics is the dreams that stuff are made of.
"Without understanding solids from a quantum mechanical point of
view the transistor could not have been invented."
(William F. Brinkman, Vice President of R&D at Bell Labs - 1947

Without a deep understanding of quantum mechanics the CORE
processor could not have been invented.    The CORE processor acts as
quantum charge coupling device.

Why, do I communicate this to the Dallas group.  Loyality, to the South
and fond memories of Fort Worth/Dallas.   Why am I polite?  Because
I know it is hard to understand and know what I am saying.  I have a friend
who enjoys having people make a fool out of themselves, because he
knows they will remember, he was right and they were wrong.  Did you
know on the day that Alexander Bell demonstrated the first long distance
telephone, everyone in the audience ridiculed him and NONE of the
audience bought shares in what would become AT&T.  Anyone who invested
that night would have become a millionaire.  I have many
more examples of the above.  I personally find it fastinating the absolute
belief in the truth that your teachers have told you from your past.  I like
fact that you are doers and should have learned that what is important is
not necessarily in a book.

Ron Blue


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