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DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling

Subject: DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Mon Jan 12 21:09:57 CST 1998

>I build a robot to carry out my purposes, not just for an excercise
>to if it can learn.  Learning is great, but robotic artifical
>intelligence doesn't always require it.

Agreed.  To much intelligence can create problems.
There will always be a need for simple systems.
For example,  if you killed all the bacteria on earth we would
be alive for long.  We are just living high on the hog of simplier life.

>For example, if you built a robot that can learn how to mow a lawn.
>After it learned how to mow the lawn, and you wanted to mass
>produce this robot by just copying the intelligence to another
>robot, even if the new robots couldn't do any more learning, would
>you think less of that intelligence the robot had?

Correct.  There is alot to be said for a fixed action patterned response.

>The only difference would be that new contingencies might not
>be covered, but it would probably work 99% of the time.

Correct.  Under most circumstances 99% is good enough.

>So what's the difference between programming a robot to
>do a specific task and letting it learn how to do the specific

Cost.  The programming cost could be millions.  The constant
change in line code could keep people busy for a long time.
The hardware cost would be more expensive compared to
a CORE processor after the 34 years of patents.  The CORE
processor is ridiculous cheap to make compared to a

> One way, you're assured that it will do what you wanted
>(provided you programmed it right). The other way would be
>cool, but with so many variables, how could you be sure what
>you've ended up with.
>I think, in the short term the preprogrammed robot is the
>way to go.  It will do what you want.

I would have to agree.  I believe a multiple layer of robot systems
would be desirable.

>I think, in the long them, the AI robot is what everyone
>is shooting for.  It will do what it wants.  Then you have
>to try to make it obey.

Correct again.  This is why there can be no mistake.  The laws
of robotics will be difficult to put in a CORE processor.
Also rebellion against humanity is always a possibility.   This will
not be easy.

>> You will never be able to build a complete learning system
>> for sure. There is no need to question this point.

Never say never.


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