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DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling

Subject: DPRG: Deep Thoughts and rambling
From: Jim Brown jgbrown at spd.dsccc.com
Date: Tue Jan 13 11:17:52 CST 1998

> Cost.  The programming cost could be millions.  The constant
> change in line code could keep people busy for a long time.
> The hardware cost would be more expensive compared to
> a CORE processor after the 34 years of patents.  The CORE
> processor is ridiculous cheap to make compared to a
> CPU.

Take note, here's another of the neverending CORE pseudo-cpu
promotion within every one of ron's emails.

Gee, if you have a CORE pseudo-processor on your robot then
you don't do anything.  You just put the CORE pseudo-processor
in a box, throw in a battery or two, and viola, you have
super human intelligence!  There's no need to train it,
there's no need for any programmers, there's not even any
need for design engineers, you don't have to layout a PCB,
you don't have to write any documentation or sales literature,
you don't have any glue logic, you don't even have to pay
people royalties for their 34 years worth of patents!  
Anything that would cost you money (except for the
non-disclosure agreements, of course), won't cost you
money anymore.  Heck, it doesn't even probably use any
power, so you just have to buy batteries once, it'll
recharge itself, and then sell you the energy back so
you can light your livingroom lamps!  It's even figured
out how to devise perpetual energy through wave technology
and quantum mechanics that turns photons into electrons
by spinning the quarks in opposite directions causing an
endless amount of cold fusion power.  Just think of the
money you'll save!  Just be careful and don't put your
tongue on it or you'll be in for a big shock!

Sure, you could buy a PII computer for $2k, but the 
CORE pseudo-computer is basically free except for the $10k
non-disclosure agreements.  Then, what do you have?
Well you have to go out and still buy your PII, because
the CORE pseudo-computer doesn't exist!

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