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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Date: Tue Jan 13 14:02:30 CST 1998

>So, you'd kill the humans and steal their thoughts for your
>CORE pseudo-technology?  =8-o   You should destroy your technology
>before the wackos get it - oops too late!!!  :)
biological existence on this planet for us can be no longer than
one billion years.  The sun will increase its temperature and boil
away the seas.   Eventually it will explode and become a red giant
as it switches to using helium as nuclear fuel.

biological existence in the universe for us can be no longer than
20 billion years.

After that the universe will still have another 60 billion years to go.

Our species is very young (250,000 years).  If we colonize one
planet around another star and do not lose our knowledge base
within 375 million years we will have colonized every habitable
planet in our galaxy.

The many shapes and forms of your future genetic ancestors will be
so vast and different that it will be difficult to recognize that they
are related.

I see the one trusted friend that will be with us until the end times
of the universe as our future artificial intelligent robots.

Ron Blue


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