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DPRG: balloon wheels?

Subject: DPRG: balloon wheels?
From: Jay Vlack Jay.Vlack at digital.com
Date: Tue Jan 13 15:26:11 CST 1998


Yes some of us are using the pneumatic R/C airplane tires on our robots.
The ones I am using are 5 to 6 inches in diameter, so they'd probably
for your robot too.  Mine are made by Du-Bro and even have a small valve
that lets you pump them up with more air.  You'll have to make some
modifications to the plastic wheel hub if you want the wheels to be

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	Hi all.

	I noticed that several robots featured on the dprg web pages use
	sort of balloon (pneumatic instead of solid rubber) wheels.
	look similar to what is used for RC airplanes.  Are they just
big RC
	airplane wheels, or something different?  I'm currently using
	wheels for my robot, and I'd like something a little more
rounded and
	shock-absorbing.  By the way, I need them to be about 5" in

	Thanks in advance,
	   Daniel Herrington
	   daniel at adc.nsc.com


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