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DPRG: Pain

Subject: DPRG: Pain
From: Wade A. Smith wasmith at aud.alcatel.com
Date: Wed Jan 14 07:48:33 CST 1998

> > Man, I'm glad *I'm* not on your bad side.   8-) 
> Naw, that wasn't so bad, was it?
> Eh, Whatta ya mean?  I don't have a bad side!  ;-)  
> (and don't go asking my wife for verification!)

ONLY if you agree to not ask MY wife the same question....

> > BTW, my 68332 board (and little runt BDM board) passed the 
> > "smoke test" and actually ran a downloaded program from memory!   8-)
> Congradulations!  There's millions of wannabe's out there
> that would love to be in your shoes!
> It's not as easy as it looks!

Well, any kit is easy.  I had two kits from the efi332 project, and so it
was a breeze.  My next project is to turn that '332 into a multitasking
(RTEMS) os for my "robot".  Then I'll make the second board and parts into
a robot with 1to4 Meg of RAM and 1Meg of flash.

> How's Rachael doing?  She's such a cutie!  I remember you said

I think her "snort-snorts" are over for this round (after 4 months).
She turned 2 yesterday.

> that she was on the 5th percentile.  Bethany, after much hard
> work, is around the 45th or so percentile, and believe it not, they
> said Natalie is around the 95th percentile (could that be good
> or bad that she's 95th?)!
95% means she'll be a basketball center.  45% means "normal" and
5% means she'll be AT MOST a 5.0-footer.

BTW, I met together with some CCGO guys (and wives and kids including
Rachel) for pizza at CiCi's (Collin County Gun Owners who meet once 
a month).  They all have e-mail and are computer-literate.  Some of
them were saying I could get a 600MHz 686 board for ~$110 and 16Meg RAM 
for ~$25.  Know anything about this?  I may have to get there at 9am
to find those deals, but I AM DETERMINDED that I'll have just as powerful
a computer as my wife (her daddy has a 686 waiting for her in Fla --
all she has to do is pick it up).


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