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DPRG: Re: Ron Blue

Subject: DPRG: Re: Ron Blue
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Wed Jan 14 09:44:55 CST 1998

Alan Bredon wrote:
> Kevin Ross wrote:
> > >We could always limit the list to members-only, but I'd hate to do
> > that,
> > >and I believe that would go against the 501c public stuff.
> >
> > Excluding Ron Blue wouldn't affect the 501c filing at all. There is
> > nothing
> > about the 501c that precludes you from excluding someone based on
> > irrational
> > behaviour!
> Now wait a minute!  Don't irrational lunatics, excuse me, Reality
> Challenged individuals deserve affirmative action and equal rights? ;-)
> Also Mental Organizationally Challenged Wavlet Riders, too?

As much as I am tired of hearing Ron Blue talk until he is blue in the
face, :) I have decided to just stop responding.  Each time someone
responds he sends out two more responses to the responses.  The best
thing to do is to ignore him and he will eventually go away on his own.
By continuing to argue with him, we give him a forum of "people who
care" and it is recreational or he wants to "save us for our own good".
For some reason Jehova's Witness'es come to mind... (No offense ment for
anyones religion.)

We will not change his mind by telling him anything. We don't have
anything to prove by arguing with him, besides what do you prove by
argueing with an idiot? (That we are at his level too?) Flaiming only
seems to encourages him. If we ignore him he will go away.  He can only
try to sell his ideas to someone who will listen.  Don't listen, and
even more important don't respond. 

This reminds me of a German saying, "Was kummert die Eiche wann der
Schwein un eir reibt?"  (I think the spelling is correct??!!) In english
for the rest of the less worldly <grin>, "What does the oak (tree) care
if the pig rubs its back on it?"



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