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DPRG: RC / Hexapod / Video - Progress Update

Subject: DPRG: RC / Hexapod / Video - Progress Update
From: Alan Bredon alanb at cryogen.com
Date: Wed Jan 14 10:21:24 CST 1998

Jim Frye wrote:

> No CCD camera yet. I am considering one for $49.00 from Marlin P.
> Jones and
> a couple from Ramsey for around $100.00 each. Just don't know much
> about
> these dudes to start throwing money. Like how does a CCD with a low
> res.
> sync to a TV with a fixed res? Anyone in the know chime in. I tested
> the
> video transmitter I am planning on using with my camcorder video
> output. It
> works fine. Will it work with a 300H 240V resolution CCD cameras
> composite
> output?

I couldn't find that camera on the MP Jones site but most likely it will
work with your other video stuff.  The res 300H and 240V is the
effective resolution and is just more blurry than normal TV.  Better
would be to spend $119 for their 7115-ST which even has some IR LEDs for
illumination.  It has an effective resolution of 360H X 420V.

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