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DPRG: 74LS373 chips at BG mMicro

Subject: DPRG: 74LS373 chips at BG mMicro
From: Larry Kerns kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org
Date: Wed Jan 14 12:51:39 CST 1998

At the December RBNO I told everyone to go to the BG Micro website
because they were having a sale on selected ICs for 9 cents each if you
bought a tube (usually around 25 pieces).  Well I bought a tube of 24
74LS373 chips for 9 cents each yesterday.  These are of course used as
address latches on the 8031/8051 board designs and normally sell at BG
Micro for 55 cents.  I'm going to bring a bunch of them with me to the
meeting Saturday (January 17) so if anybody would like a couple, look me
up.  See you at the meeting!
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Larry W. Kerns
kerns at lonestar.rcclub.org


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