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DPRG: PowerTrends 7805 switching regulator replacement

Subject: DPRG: PowerTrends 7805 switching regulator replacement
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Thu Jan 15 22:12:48 CST 1998

Jim Brown wrote:
> Have yall seen these drop in switching regulator replacements for
> the 78xx series?
> They're a little bigger, it is pinout compatible (input, common, output),
> they're about 85% efficient, plus, they're rated for 1.5a.
> http://www.powertrends.com/pages/pt78st1.html
> The part numbers go like 78st1xx where they're equivalent to 78xx parts.
> For example, the 78st105 is equivalent to the 7805.
> 78st112 is equivalent to the 7812.
> It says it _requires_ a 100uf cap, but I guess power supply designs
> should have a hefty cap anyway.
> Anyone off hand know of the street price, or who has them?

Nu Horizons Electronics Corp, 2081 Hutton Drive, Carrollton, TX, (214)
488-2255 is the local distributer.  http://www.nuhorizons.com/  I will
call Genie tomorrow and get a price and availability number.  I just
happen to be in the market for a 1.2 Amp 5V power supply.



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